STEP 1: Select Your Offer Type

First Purchase Discount

Provide a discount to first-time customers when they they make a minimum purchase of an online store credit to your business.

Store Credit +
Brand Card Bundle

Provide an offer bundle that includes a store credit plus a brand e-gift card for a customer that purchases and online store credit to your business.

Your Offer

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What custom offer types are available?

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What custom offer types are available?
Two custom offer types are currently available: 1) Online Offer and 2) In-Person Offer. An Online Offer promotes digital credits for your business that are available for purchase via a Fanbank-powered online experience. You can choose to offer a discount on a digital credit purchase, or use a brand e-gift card as an incentive to purchase digital credits. An In-Person Offer promotes an offer that is only available for redemption at your business and is fulfilled by you.

What is a digital credit?
Glad you asked. Super sellers like Starbucks, Target, and others use digital credits to connect an online purchase to their store or service, provide incentives or rewards, and even to refund customers. Fanbank launched a digital credits program for your business, at no extra cost, that can now be incorporated into your custom offers.

How does a digital credit work?
Digital credits are stored with the credit/debit card account your customer used to complete the online purchase. To redeem a digital credit, your customer must make a purchase from your business with the card they used to purchase this offer. All fulfillment is handled entirely by Fanbank and is included in your membership. More details on how the digital credit is fulfilled differ based on offer type, see the provided readme document in your offer’s sales kit for more information.

How do I know what offer type to choose?
Your sales objectives may change week-to-week, month-to-month or even season-to-season. If your current focus is to attract new customers to your business, offering a first-time customer digital credit at a discount may be the right way to go. If you are focused on engaging existing customers, you might want to choose a brand gift or an in-person bonus or gift for loyal followers. Please let us know what types of offers you are interested in customizing: connect@fanbank.com.

When will my custom offer go live?
Fanbank will start your custom offer on the campaign start date that you select. Please note, it may take up to 3 business days for us to create your custom offer and get your final approval before launch.

Additional questions? connect@fanbank.com

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